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Oh, the excitement! 

The decision, the waiting, the pain, the art on the skin that stays forever.
The permanence. The deliverance.
That’s the journey of getting a tattoo.
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Who begun a journey in 2011, motivated by the urge of expression through the ancient techniques of body art. The most beautiful canvas is the human body and we treat each customer with a great deal of respect.  We love every style of this art, custom designs, freehand, realistic designs, cover ups, doting tattoos as well as special projects concerning body piercing and modification. Our customers are eclectic collectors that always seek a new piece of art to dress their body with, and we have an artist available for every request. The procedure of getting a tattoo is important to us and we want everyone that visits us in our workspace to have a pleasant experience from the beginning to the end.
Being dedicated to hygienic (hospital-like sterilization and very strict health regulations) as well as high quality in both artistic and technical matters, we never stop seeking improvement by exploring new methods, techniques and products. The goal is to see at the end of the day happy inked people that had a good time with us and are satisfied with the result. Our dream is for us to play a small part in the development of body art into a special physical and mental experience, as well as in its establishment as one of the most interactive and viral movements and means of expression in modern societies.
Piercing at Uncle Chronis Tattoo

The oldest studio to offer professional piercing in Athens offers a full range of services; from body piercing, to body modification to custom projects, our master professionals are available to work with you for the greatest result. Choose from our vast selection of high end jewelry, enjoy our warm hospitality and feel safe in our clinical grade hygiene. Our customers have a 100% return rate, so you know we are the best!

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