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You can reach us by METRO, using the blue line and get off at CHOLARGOS station and go out from the exit labeled “TO STAVROS” , or by bus ( A5, B5, 416 bus) and get off at the 5th Cholargos bus station.
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Things to look for

Clean waiting area physically separated from the piercing room(s).
Well lit work area for piercer.
An Autoclave or other medical quality sterilizing unit.
Individually packaged pre-sterilized needles.
Approved “sharps” container for needle disposal.
Sterile Gloves.
A current displayed tattoo shop license where required.
(Yes it is important, licensed shops go through hygienic control from the health department.)

Things to avoid

Getting pierced in mall accessory shops or in the back room of any shop.
Poorly lit work area. General clutter or otherwise unsanitary conditions. Piercing tools or needles only cleaned with alcohol or disinfectant wipes ( Autoclaves are the only mean of sterilization.)
Tobacco, drugs & alcohol (by clients or employees).
Piercing guns (They can not be properly sterilized and are dangerous). Going against your gut instinct (if it quacks like a duck…).

No matter how much or how little you may know about the ins and outs of proper body piercing technique, a little bit of common sense goes a long way. Always use your instinct and best judgment and NEVER get a piercing on the spur of the moment if you have any indication at all that something simply isn’t quite right. The following list of question will give you a good head start on making a sound choice in a body piercer.

Ask to see spore test results for their autoclave (any self respecting shop will have these).

What to expect during & after the piercing.

Ask for specific aftercare instructions (if those instructions include alcohol or peroxide, leave now). Ask to see a portfolio – a picture can be worth a thousand words.

Many people pose as professionals and in reality are not.
Feedback and getting informed is the way to avoid scratchers and non professionals.
In the end you get what you paid for! Uncle C.

Actions before getting pierced:

It’s better not be tired. On the contrary a good night sleep will boost your immune system and make you fell refreshed.
You should have eaten a full and nourishing meal.
Ask your piercer any question you might have. It’s essential to be well informed about the piercing you are getting and the sterilization of all the instruments used..
Inform your piercer about any maladies, illnesses or conditions you might have.

Piercings on the head or body:

Twice a day: cleaning of the piercing with salt water solution.
Once a day: clean the piercing with the antiseptic that your piercer suggested.

Piercings inside the mouth:

Twice a day: use mouthwash that your piercer suggested.
Once a day: Gargle with salt water solution.

Piercings on the genitals:

Twice a day: clean the piercing with salt water solution.
While taking a shower wash the area with the antiseptic soap that your piercer suggested.


Twice a day: clean the piercing with salt water solution.
Once a day: clean the piercing with the antiseptic that your piercer suggested.

DO’s :

Always follow the sanitery rules.

Clothes, sheets, towels and in general anything that comes in contact with the pierced area should be clean.

Stay healthy. With good sleep and a proper diet your immune system is stronger therefore you heal faster.

You should ONLY and STRICTLY follow the directions of your piercer. If you are not sure about something feel free to ask him/her.

DONT’s :

Avoid touching the piercing with your hands. Your piercing is not for playing!

Avoid direct contact of the piercing with pets and other animal. Also avoid contact with foreign bodily fluids.

The use of makeup and cosmetic products on your new piercing will cause irritation and will prolong the healing period.

Avoid getting into pools after getting pierced. Pool water contains alot of bacteria and high levels of chlorine will cause iritation.

Avoid hitting, tempering or applying pressure on your piercing.

Don’t overclean your piercing. This can delay your healing and cause irritation.