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We are super excited to share with you the Uncle Chronis Tattoo Studio merch collection: t-shirts, tote bags, hoodies,hats and beanies. 

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Our latest addition to the merch collection are the prints created by our artists. Printed on acid free, 300gr paper with eco friendly pigment based colours. Find the selection below with our artists favorite themes.

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Борьба насмерть - Fight to death Linocut.

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In military and paramilitary groups, the skull symbolizes the struggle till death and the endless fight that it is needed for the cause, even if that leads someone to his end. Skulls can be found in many fighting group emblems, like the very well known pirate flag, the Makhno's flag, society of friends symbol, in German infantry of world War two and many more.

Dedicated to those who are everyday giving their endless struggle with what surrounds them, or fighting with what's within them.

Designed, cut, and handprinted by our artist Paraschos on handmade hemp paper.

Size approximately 42x32cm

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