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We are super excited to share with you the Uncle Chronis Tattoo Studio merch collection: t-shirts, tote bags, hoodies,hats and beanies. 

Explore, get all your favorite items for yourself or as gifts for your friends and become part of the Uncle Chronis crew!
Our latest addition to the merch collection are the prints created by our artists. Printed on acid free, 300gr paper with eco friendly pigment based colours. Find the selection below with our artists favorite themes.

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The boat man of Acheron

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KHARON (Charon) was the Ferryman of the Dead, an underworld daemon (spirit) in the service of King Haides. Hermes Psykhopompos (Guide of the Dead) gathered the shades of the dead from the upper world and led them down to the shores of the Akherousian (Acherusian) mere in the underworld where Kharon transported them across the waters to Haides in his skiff


Artist : BettyHatesYou

Limited edition 10 prints. Batch #1

Size: 49x33 cm

- Printed on Rives bright white paper with eco-friendly pigment-based inks.

Paper Features:

  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Grammages: 320 gsm
  • Texture: Cold Pressed- light fine grain with a smooth surface
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